Coaches Profiles

Coaches Profiles – Southampton

 Paul Scullard – Director

paul scullard

  • Qualified LTA (ICA) Level 4

  • Fully licensed, DBS checked and First Aid trained

  • Ex World Ranked Player

  • Over 25 years coaching experience

  • Current Great Britain Seniors Player

  • Current County Player

  • Current Boys 14 & U Boys County Captain

AIMS : To provide applicable progressive learning to all levels of abilities in a safe, caring and fair environment.

My philosophy is simple: Maximising your potential is the most rewarding thing that can happen to someone with that talent – reaching it requires hard work & dedication!

Julian Godfrey – Qualified Coach

julian godfrey

  • Qualified LTA Pro Tennis Coach
  • Curent Hampshire Mens Coach
  • Registered, DBS checked and First Aid trained
  • Previous coach to Tim Henman (ex British No1 and Davis Cup player) and several other world ranked players.
  • World Over 35 Team Champion – Great Britain








Shahine Bastini (Sharz) – Fitness and Cardio Coach

Shahine Bastini(Sharz)3

  • Level 3 Personal fitness trainer
  • Level 2 Strength & Conditioner Coach
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Nutritional Advisor
  • 6 years experience in the Health & Fitness industry








David Darrock –  LTA Level 1 Coach

Coaches Profiles Darrock LTA Level 1 Coach

  • currently taking LTA Level 2 Course
  • Thornden Mens Club player










Adam Allen – Rogers –  LTA Level 2 Coach

Coaches Profiles Allen - Rogers LTA Level 2 Coach

  • Competitions Organiser
  • Club Player

From a young age I had a big passion for sport, a passion that only grew the more I played. Tennis was and still is my greatest passion, and I have always been keen to share that passion and hopefully spark something inside the next great tennis players that gives them the same drive and appreciation that I have for the sport. I believe strongly that hard work and a real drive to achieve can have the biggest effect on progression, and with progression comes greater enjoyment and appreciation of the sport. When I was at school, with a keen desire to start coaching, I took part in the Junior Sport Leaders Award. Then as soon as I was old enough I did my Tennis Leaders Award. Then went on to do my LTA Level 1 coaching. After that, and some experience on court coaching some junior players, I was keen to progress as a coach. I then did my LTA Level 2 Coaching. I also got my competition organisers qualification. I am keen to push players forward, always improving and constantly progressing to the next level.




Harry Dunnett – Club Coach

Harry Dunnett 6

    • LTA Level 1 Registered Coach
    • 14 & U/16 & U top 10 Hampshire Junior Player
    • X2 County Tour Winner
    • Sussex County Finalist